Can Do Musos

Can Do Musos was established to promote and support challenged musicians from all over the world.

"Muso" or "musos" are terms used widely in parts of the world to describe a musician or group of musicians with passion and dedication to their music.

Can-Do Musos founders - 15th March 2013
Can-Do Musos Founders: L-R: David Segal, Dom Famularo, Andrew Hewitt, and Mike Mignogna
at Dom Famularo's Wizdom Woodshed in New York - 15th March 2013

On March 15, 2013, Andrew Hewitt travelled to New York to attend a charter meeting of Can-Do Musos at Dom Famularo's Wizdom Woodshed in Port Jefferson on Long Island.

Can-Do Musos was established by Andrew Hewitt, Dom Famularo, David Segal and Michael Mignogna to give musicians with "challenges" a voice where they would normally not be heard. As our Mission Statement says Can Do Musos want to provide guidance and hope to all musicians with challenges. Music is empowering and has no limitations and everyone should have a chance at their dreams.

Having a "Can Do attitude" is the first step toward success!

On our website, we use the word "challenges". We feel that disability quite often gets misinterpreted as an inability. People with challenges have passion, can be empowered and want to succeed.

In 2014 we added drummer Joe Hardy to our board of directors.

In November 2014, Andrew Hewitt started hosting Can-Do Radio, which is a weekly online radio show which features music from Can-Do Musos. The show airs on Wednesdays at 7pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time) on Drum Talk Radio Australia. Current podcasts of the show can be found at

On the 24th January 2015, we presented Can-Do Musos - Bringing the Disabled Musician into the Mainstream a panel discussion in the H.O.T. Zone at The NAMM Show in Anaheim, California.

NAMM 2015
NAMM 2015
NAMM 2015

The NAMM Show 2015 - Anaheim Convention Center - Anaheim, California - 25th January 2015
Presenters: Joe Hardy, Michael Mignogna, Andrew Hewitt, Dom Famularo, Dean Zimmer, Mark Goffeney, and David Segal. Photos: Colin Barnes

In December 2015, Andrew Hewitt began hosting and producing CAN-DO MUSOS TV - an online TV show showcasing Can-Do Musos from all over the world via


Can-Do Musos TV - Ep. 1 - Dec 2015

Running Time: 1hour 33mins

Song list
1. Calling Utopia - Woah (AUSTRALIA)
2. Joey Stuckey - Blind Man Drivin' (USA)
3. The Mendenhall Experiment (USA)
5. Lefty Williams Band - Let it roll on (USA)
6. Bipolar Bears intro (AUSTRALIA)
7. David Segal - Enter Sandman (USA)
8. Sal Aversano - On The Road (USA)
9. Mark Goffeney - Big Toe - Shine (USA)
10 Tony Gebhard - One Man Band (USA)

11 Joe Hardy (Unit 287 Drum Cam) - Look at Me (USA)
12. Mingus Elastic Band - Get to know love (ENGLAND)
13. Jeff St John - teach me how to fly (AUSTRALIA)
14. Gregory W Irish - Standing next to me (USA)
15. Tulio Fuzato - Drum Solo (BRAZIL)
16. Little Ozzy - Mamma Im Coming Home (USA)
17. Justin Hines - Lay My Burdens Down (CANADA)
19. Core - The Devil Letter (USA)
19. Hekura - Feeling the Rage (VENEZUELA)
20. Marlow - Life on Repeat (AUSTRALIA)

Can-Do Musos TV - Ep. 2 - Mar 2016

Running Time: 1hour

Song list
1. The Mendenhall Experiment - Seize The Day (USA)
2. Samantha E - Rage (SCOTLAND)
3. Rudely Interrupted - I am Alive (AUSTRALIA)
4. Musimations (USA)
5. Can-Do Musos - The NAMM Show 2016 (USA)
6. Mark Goffeney - We are the same (USA)
7. Shawn Wells - Interview (USA)
8. Kyle Coleman - Standing on solid ground (UK)
9. Sarah Renehan - Hydrocephulus video (AUSTRALIA)
10. Tulio Fuzato - Black Night (Deep Purple cover) (BRAZIL)
11. LeftStronger - Change the World (USA)


On the 24th January 2016, Can-Do Musos members Andrew Hewitt, David Segal, Dean Zimmer, Joe Hardy Mark Goffeney, Brandon Mendenhall, Nate Stockton, and Risty Bryce joined with Dom Famularo as MC presented Can-Do Musos: Empowerment for Disabled Musicians at The NAMM Show in Anaheim.

NAMM 2016
NAMM 2016
NAMM 2016

The NAMM Show 2016 - Anaheim Convention Center - Anaheim, California - 24th January 2015
Presenters: Joe Hardy, Andrew Hewitt, Dom Famularo, Dean Zimmer, Mark Goffeney, David Segal, Brandon Mendenhall, Nate Stockton, and Risty Bryce.

It has been confirmed that Can-Do Musos will be at The NAMM Show again in 2017.

We are looking for passionate musicians with challenges to profile on our website and be a part of this unique new organisation.

Our website currently features over 220 musicians from 25 countries.

People can sign up via our website Whether you sing, play guitar, keyboards, drums, even souzaphone, we would love to hear from you. Please remember to give us as much information as possible.



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