The Rhythmic Arts Project Downunder

The Rhythmic Arts Project Downunder (TRAP'D) is an educational program for people with various disabilities which utlises hand drums and percussion instruments. This program is based on The Rhythmic Arts Project, which has been running successfully in the USA since it's conception in 1997.

The methodology is based in perceptual motor match, visual, tactile, and auditory combined with speech. We can see, feel and hear the lessons and simultaneously speak the answers.

In March 2013, Andrew Hewitt went to Santa Barbara, California and attended a specialised TRAP (The Rhythmic Arts Project) Training Seminar. As a result of this, Andrew has become Australia's first TRAP facilitator, which qualifies him to teach the TRAP program to children and young adults with disabilities in Australia.

TRAP'D uses flash cards, dice, easy-to-follow guidebooks, calendars and other tools, teaches basic life skills, from spatial awareness and motor skills to mathematics, focus and visual, tactile and auditory perception. Participants sit in a half circle, taking turns as they follow the teachers instructions and sound out the beat to count, identify colors and shapes, and tell time.

Each TRAP'D session goes for approximately 1 hour, and usually has up to 7 - 9 participants. We recommend sessions 1 every fortnight so that participants can retain things from the session before, and benefit from the program.

Our primary objective is to promote the inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their typical peers in all aspects of everyday life.

Through inspiration, leadership and competency -based training, we foster caring and supportive relationships with each child and adult we work with.

On top of being a qualified TRAP facilitator, Andrew is an International Endorsed Drum Circle Facilitator for Remo.

TRAP"D is for everyone. It is about each person having powerful interactions, reaching out to all people, and making connections.

Andrew Hewitt - The Rhythmic Arts Project Downunder

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Andrew Hewitt is using the name TRAP'D with the permission from TRAP Headquarters in the USA.


Andrew Hewitt - Pearl Drums Endorsed Artist
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